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Hello Scotty!


My Car- Honda civic coupe Lx / 2007 ; 113000 miles

I was getting a cranking noise from the front left wheel on doing full wheel turns. I took to the local auto repair shop and I was told the CV axle is bad.

I got the CV axle changed along with a few other works, including a rear break realignment and a general alignment (which was required as the cv axle was replaced), etc.

After change: All noise is gone, turning is smooth, all good, but ...


I started feeling a "drag". Its hard to explain, but its like if I let the gas go, I feel the retardation is more than it used to be before the work was done.. and I have to apply more power to keep it constant.

I took it back to the shop, there the tech test drove it but said he couldnt find anything (they rechecked the brakes and the alignment as well). I cant blame, but I know my car and I know something is not right. Somebody driving it for the first time may not feel it.

He said - may be since its a new CV axle, its taking time to "break-in" (which kindda doesnt sounds right)

So the question:

Is it normal for a new CV axle to show this kind of sluggishness?

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A. Ray
A. Ray

Thanks for answering. Also I missed to mention, they also did change the spark plugs, as they said Honda recommendation is a change at 80k and I'm 113. Can faulty or cheap spark plugs can cause this drag behavior?



cv axle should not need "breaking in" but perhaps that's a cheaper make that is too tight and needs it.

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