Hello Scotty big fan of your youtube videos they have helped me out allot! Right now I'm trying to change the wires and spark plugs on my girlfriends 2002 Honda Accord, I pulled out the first plug and pulled out the wire, and the boot got stuck on the spark plug and it was stuck inside of the cylinder, I don't have long needle nose pliers I have regular needle nose pliers so I pulled and did everything I could. I couldn't get it I ended up with a busted lip and a blister on my hand. I waited till the morning got a flat head screwdriver pretty much hammered the end to split the plastic and then broke the whole thing apart and pulled it anyway I got two more to go and I don't want to break the wires on them also, what tip can you give me to get them out easily I don't know if I could pull out the whole cylinder like you showed on your video, I'm worried I might damage something also one of her cylinders had a bunch of oil inside of the spark plug, that wire came out easy but should I be concerned? Does it need a seal or gasket at the bottom of the cylinder? Any help I can get I would appreciate it thanks

cut the wires in the middle, then try to spin them in a circle at the head to get them to come off the spark plug. You also need to change the valve cover gasket and spark tube seals because of that oil

Ok I'll try that thanks allot Scotty I appreciate the help.