Hello, Scotty and the community! You all are my last hope. I have a 2002 VW Passat 1.8l turbo…


Hello, Scotty and the community! You all are my last hope.

I have a 2002 VW Passat 1.8l turbo automatic wagon. About a year ago, my father and I changed my heater core because during the winters in Vermont, it would produce little to no heat and reverse flushing the core did not have any affect on it.

When we finally put the car back together, I noticed that whenever I would drive it and come to a complete stop, the car would beep, the idiot light for the temperature would blink, and where the gear display was, a rather alarming message would display that said "STOP! Check Coolant!" The level of the coolant was at the appropriate level each time.

In researching this, we have performed the following procedures on the car to try and get this to stop. 1.) Flushed the radiator, and replaced this with fresh, Prestone 50/50 coolant. 2.) Replaced the Resevoir 3.) Replaced the Coolant Temperature sensor. All of this effort has had no affect and the error still appears. The temperature of the car itself is also rising to 190, but no farther and the level of the coolant is at the max, and does not shift down. (Meaning there is no leak.)

We have also checked the head gasket, and it's fine, with no white crud around where the engine oil cap is. Can you please help me and what I should check for next, or point me in the right direction of what I should check for next? The new heater core works great, so I know that is not faulty.

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Scotty just mentioned that you can disable similar Sensors by unplugging them, tying off the 2-wires, effectively stopping it from triggering dash idiot light. If I can find it I'll post above.


Could be an issue in the ecu, 190 is a very good temperature, you should be worried if it exceeds around 220 or so. I believe the vws have a level sensor built into the resevoir but you say that was replaced so i'm not too sure.