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I am looking at purchasing either a 2018 Volkswagen Golf R or a 2018 Audi A5 Coupe. I wish Toyota or Honda would offer a all wheel drive automatic hatchback but since they don't I feel that those two are my only realistic options. Other than about 10 grand price difference between the two, what can I expect for out of warranty maintenance and parts that break and go bad on either? Would like to keep what I get for 10-15 years.I like the Golf R and that you can get cool dynamic sweeping tailights for them via ESC tuning and it gives you the Audi look for a lot less but part of me says that the Golf R is just to "toyish" and the A5 is a little more mature and classy option. Also can you please elaborate on your opinion of Volkswagen dealers since I think you have said previously that you are not a fan of them? Currently drive a Toyota Avalon and love the new ones but they are not all wheel drive so its a deal breaker. Thank you, let me know if I can buy you a beer if Im in your neck of the woods sometime.

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Why say Toyota offers no AWD? Your concerns about parts breaking are valid. Any prudent car purchase involves forecasts for reliability, parts availability, cost of repair parts & labor, longevity, durability. Toyota manufactures five AWD selections: The AWD Highlander Hybrid; AWD Highlander; AWD Sienna; the beloved RAV4 AWD; and the AWD RAV4 Hybrid. Do any of these fit into your need for a hatchback? Let us know what you wind up buying. If you want to keep what you buy 10-15 years, look at the resale values of Audi vs. Golf vs. Toyota-- research the values of comparable, 15-year old Audis, Golfs, and Toyotas. It's sobering. I speak as an original owner of 1991 Toyota pickup.

Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


both are money pits as they age, but the VW somewhat smaller pit

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