Hello Scotty and Community. Scotty, thank you for ALL that you do for us!!! I have an automatic 4…


Hello Scotty and Community. Scotty, thank you for ALL that you do for us!!!

I have an automatic 4 cyl, 1996 Toyota Camry LE with 186k on it. and I have been struggling with a suspected fuel related issue. Let me provide the backstory:

About a couple of months ago, there was a very strong fuel smell emitting from the car in the rear, took it to a mechanic my father recommended and it turned out to be the seal around the fuel pump. The entire fuel pump was replaced and everything seemed fine for about a week. Was driving on a road about 60 mph and the car started stalling then eventually cut off right in the road. I was able to coast over to the side of the road, restart it and continue on. I drove for about another 25 minutes and it cut off again. (The car never cut off before changing the pump) Called the mechanic that installed the pump and he suggested changing the fuel filter...so I did....well attempted to. I changed the fuel filter, started the car and fuel sprayed everywhere. Fast forward, it turns out, someone cut the original fuel line connection that goes into the filter, replaced it with a male piece from another car and connected the corresponding filter. I had to find the original fuel line connection and splice it in along with the original fuel filter. After this, the gas needle would not go past half way. I took it to another mechanic where he said that the fuel pump was probably hanging up. He tested it and said that it wasn't 'ohming' out correctly. He replaced the fuel pump but the car still cuts off, and the needle will either not move or dive and raise back up. I noticed that the car seems to chug around 60 mph also around 85 mph. Call me crazy but I think running the AC adds to the stalling. One guy suggested that the electrical wire that connects to the fuel pump is faulty. Opinion? Just to provide some background on what has been replaced, here is a list: EGR valve, Idle Air Control Valve, fuel lines, and some other sensors (Vapor Canister Purge Valve / Solenoid needs to be replaced) also is throwing codes: P0441 and P0446. So what are your suggestions or resolving the cutting off issue, incorrect fuel reading and codes? Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!!!! Ray

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


me, I would only use a toyota full fuel pump assembly module when replacing those, I've seen others cause such problems