Hello Scotty and community I need your help I bought a 82 Cadillac Eldorado for a project car when I bought the car it was not running I put new pre gapped spark plugs and wires and gave it an oil change and new filter I’ve also purchased a new battery and new belts and whose’s I replaced distributor cap and rotor she cranked right up after a few taps on the gas peddle ...problem is the check engine light came on ... I haven’t been able to drive it so I took it for a spin and noticed the light went off.... once I let it sit for a day or two it always struggled to start and the check engine light would be on until I took it around the block a few times then the light would go off the last time I drove it down the highway. And got back home and left it running it turned off on me so curiously I tried to crank it back up and it turned rite back on now after sitting in the garage for a week I can’t get it to start up lights are on it cranks like it wants to start but won’t turn over what could this be and we’re to start looking

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


when it doesn''t start, do this video