Hello Scotty am form Belize.have a question,hop you can help me out.why my carburetor pickup truck die off when selerating all out,to the max.and half way runs great.it's a Mazda pick up1986 adapted Toyota carburetor22r

first, that carb may not be set up right for a mazda, it was jetted for a toyota engine originally. But do get a rebuild kit and clean that carb out. Me, I'd get a weber carb kit and put that on, they work great on those engines.

Hi Scotty. I have a question about the pickup I told you about,the Mazda b2000 pickup truck, that has a Toyota carburetor. When I selerate all-out the car intense to die off. I didn't know if it's the carb or something else, spark plugs and cable are New. the carburetor is new. The older carb that the truck came with, when I bought the truck it works great until I over hall the pick up ,problem started then. I thought it was the car was to old. And I got a new one. but it gave me the same problems until then. Hopefully you can help me find the solution of my problem. power is the problem when I what to over take other cars on the road. other than that everything works great.