Hello Scotty.

1996 GMC pick up truck. 350 Vortex . 190,000 great miles.

The gas/air intake stuck open while driving. I was driving this morning and as I continuously fine tune the throttle as I maintain a constant speed I noticed that the engine did not reduce in rpm as I adjust the throttle to maintain a constant speed. In order for me to stop on the side of the freeway I had to break hard as the engine wanted to run at 2000 rpm or more. When I came to a stop I put the automatic transmission in neutral and the engine rived up to 2000 rpm or more. I than turned off the engine. Next I opened the hood and played with the cables and took the throttle body air intake off . the cable going to the throttle body worked good the big disc was closed, but the second cable next to it was without tension. I played with it, than started the engine and drove for another 30 minutes to work and did not again have a stuck open air / gas flow into engine.

Hope you recognize the problem Thank you, and I enjoy your YouTube's Piet

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


pray it was the cruise control sticking open. if so, just disconnect it