Hello Scott, Let me start off by saying that your videos have helped me educate myself on being…


Hello Scott,

Let me start off by saying that your videos have helped me educate myself on being able to fix and work on my own car. Before you, I was paying loads of money on simple issues that I would have easily done by myself. You have a lot of charisma and personality, and it is very easy to watch your videos partly because you make it so fun and interesting. So, please keep up the good work by continuing to help educate young amateurs like me!


I am in the market to buying a classic muscle car that is used, and my budget is as follows below:

My Spending Budget: $20,000 (I would understand that with this kind of money, it would most likely need some work done to it)

I have a list of what I would expect from purchasing a classic car, and I was hoping that based on this list - that you would help me recommend a vehicle regardless, of its make or model. Your are probably full of knowledge and experience as to what is or isn't a good purchase. Therefore, after reading this list; I would really appreciate it if you would give me a few ideas as to what classics are worth considering should I go that route..

1) The parts should be cheap to buy, and easily installed without the need to refer to the auto shop every time.
2) It would be great if these very same parts were originals that are still available at the market.
3) A higher resale value in the future, as I would hope that I would get some money out of it.
4) A vehicle that is reliable and affordable, yet is a classic worth buying and enjoying.
5) Is safe to drive, and has great gas mileage.

I completely understand that it is almost impossible to have a vehicle meet all of these requirements that I have listed. Thus, I am willing to make a compromise as long as you are able to provide me information as to what is or what is not a good idea to buy.

Would you be able to provide several examples as to what kinds of classic muscle cars are close to my list of requirements? Would you be willing to include their respective make, model, year, etc..? As well as what to look out for, and what to never buy?

Your thoughts and suggestions would be really appreciated.


Henry Ross

Post Secondary: I have seen your video titled "Should You Buy A Classic Car?", is was very informative - yet still not sufficient enough for me to make a respectable decision on everything else besides what to look forward to before making a purchase.

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well, muscle cars are all pretty much gas hogs, so forget economy. Me, I'd go for a classic mustang or other classic ford, as parts are readily available and they are easy to work on