Hello! My car [1999 chevy prizm 1.8L] was vandalized in a sneaky way and someone took the bottom harness plug completely out of the underside [EFI OR HTR] Port of the relay box.

My car still ran.

Due to a contradiction in firing orders listed for the 98 and 99 Model Toyota Corolla /Chevy /Geo Prizm in the Haynes manual I blew a head gasket and recently fixed it; while fixing it I disassembled some of the wiring harnesses to re-conduit it and so forth and in doing so I took off a strange ground wire that turned out to be a bypass of some sort and upon investigation I saw the missing plug from the bottom of the relay box in the engine.

The port is directly below/inbetween the EFI square and the head Square in the relay box diagram, but I cannot find anywhere that shows the bottom of the box, or how those four prongs are meant to be wired. I found a general mapping of the wires so I know voltage and Gage but I need to know what components specifically in this engine that the wires go to so I can get my car wired up! You are the OB-1 to my Padawan and your videos have helped me more than you'd ever know! Thank you so much, and keep up the great work :D

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you would need a factory wiring diagram. Try alldatadiy.com for that