Hello Mr. Scotty, it's me again. I did another test on my car today and basically gotten the same…


Hello Mr. Scotty, it's me again. I did another test on my car today and basically gotten the same results and this time, I made sure that I had written down exactally what my obd2 scanner read. My previous post was confusing, sorry. Let me start off with problem and dates; On March 28, whilte driving home, I started losing power in my car. When I gotten home and turned car off, it wouldn't start. Two hours later, it stared with rough idling. Aprill 5 is when I had a mechanic come look at my car and only changed the spark plugs, due to his broken arm. I haven't driven my car after I've parked it on March 28, until after the mechanic changed my spark plugs. He had to even give me a jump, because after he had me try to start my car so many times, prior to spark plug change, my battery died. He told me to dive the car and to see if the rough idling was going to stop. and to put more gas in my car, because it was starting to run low. On my way to the gas station, my car died. He gotten me to the gas station, I put gas in and rove back home and never driven it again . I did start it again on April 6 to see how it sounded and the rough idling was still there. I've also started my car again on April 13 and bought a obd 2 scanner that night and did my first test on April 14, where I have gotten the P0141 Sensor Heater Circuit Bank Senor 2 code and seen and addition code in an other spot P0300 Random Muliple Cylinder Misire Detected.

Okay, when I did another test to get my information staright, I have gotten the Code Found: 1 status and when chose read stored code the only code that I was the one code, P0141 Sensor Heater Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2 code. When I chose the pending codes next that's where I have seen both the P0141 Sensor Heater Circuit Bnak 1 Sensor 2 code and the P0300 Random Muliple Cylinder Misire Detected code.

Question 1: The P0300 Random Multiple Cyldiner Misfire Detected wasn't listed under code found. It's a pending code. What does a pending code means?

Today, I did an I/M Readiness test and I have gotten (MIL= Ok, Fuel = Ok, CCM = Ok, Cat = Ok, HCAT = N/A, Evap = Ok, Air = N/A, O2s = Ok, HTR = Ok, EGR =N/A

Question 2: What is the I/M Readiness telling me? I thought Cavaliers have a EKG .

After i did my test today, I tried to start my car, but my battery is dead.

Question 3: Does my 1 code found (P0141 O2 Sensor/Heater Circuit Bankl 1 Sensor 2) means that I need to change my O2 Sensor or could it means since my battery is dead - that my battery was my problem all along?

Sorry for the long post. I'm a very detailed person. I like to explain myself as much as I can.

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change the battery first and drive it a week if it runs fine. If not, replace the sensor and pray there's not even more problems