Hello Mr. Scotty, I"m back again with another question. It's almost two weeks that I was last on…


Hello Mr. Scotty, I"m back again with another question. It's almost two weeks that I was last on here asking you a question. Tonight, I finally able to have a mechanic come out to look at my car. Since my battery was dead, he had to give me a boost. To my surpise, my connections were loose and that's why my battery must have died. I don't know how the connections have gotten loose. Last year in February, I had a new battery put on a Walmart. Piror to my first post on here, I've wached a video you have done about P0300 codes and trying to figure out what caused the misifre. You've stated that a bad battery could cause a misfire.

Question: 1: Could my loose connections be the cause of my misfire? The mechanic didn't tighten my connections. He came when it was hitting on dark. If The Lord Says The Same, I know that my battery will be dead again in the morrning, but I will try to tighten my connction myself.

He didn't even have an obd scanner to see what codes. He doesn't own one and he works at a shop. That's strange. After he left, I did another reading on my car and gotten the same codes faults: P0141 O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2 and P0300 Random/Mutliple Misfire Detected. I want to note that I had erased the previous reading, while my battery had a little life prior to it dying all the way on me. So, this tells me that the computer is still recognizing this problem. The mechanic thinks it my tension pulley, because it's vibrating. I had my tension bearing changed in February, because the original plastic bearting melted and was replaced with a metal bearing. The mechanic that chnaged it told me that only the bearing needed to be changed and that he doesn't think the pulley needed to be changed. I took his word for it.

Question 2: Am I right or wrong, a tension pulley can't cause a P0141 or P0300 code right? Since I have gotten a P0141 code, it does mean that I need to have the sensor change right, regardless of the P0300 code? One more thing, to make sure that I am getting the right match/brand sesnor, where should I buy the part, at auto part store or dealer?

Sorry for long posts. I am jsut ready for my car to be back running. Your videos really do help people like me. I think that I might be able to change my own sensor, but I will need to buy the tools.