Hello Mr Scotty. I have a 1999 Honda Accord VI 1.6 D16B7 engine code. There is a flange on the throttle body i want to remove it to earn more power because she is to slow for 1.2T ! My engine code is D16B7. He can give 116HPbut mine is 100HP cause of the flange.. When i changed by anormal gasket for the throttle body the engine die when kick down the throttle pedal. I have changed my electronic distributor, cleaning my injectors,change the fuel filter, clean all the Throttle Body, adjust the valves, change spark plugs, and O2 Sensor and MAP sensor. It doing the same problem. A friend have the same car a the same engine and for him it has work but no me! There is some picture to illustrate my problem and a video on Youtube. Cheers

you can't just willy nilly start modifying throttle system designed by engineers. That require reprogramming computers and often other mods. Find a pro if you want that done.