Hello Mr. Kilmer, Thanks for your great videos, I watch them all. I made a couple comments re my…


Hello Mr. Kilmer,

Thanks for your great videos, I watch them all.

I made a couple comments re my 2013 Ford Fusion with the 1.6 liter but it's so CRAZY I feel it important to follow up with you after your comment that the Ford Fusion is a good car. NO IT'S NOT.

I had 3 mechanics, 1 that I use for everything, tell me we will not work on that car. I took it to another very reputable shop with a 41/2 google stars to put a simple water pump in, the shop called and said "No Charge, We're having it towed to the ford dealer" No joke. The water pump runs off the timing belt (what $##^%# thought this was a good idea?) , takes 3 special tools to line up the cam, timing belt and something else just to install and this guy threw up his hands and said no charge but you have to pay dealer for finishing.

The Ford dealer service manager told me they hate these cars, said they replace an average of TWO 1.5 engines a week and 3 average 1.6 engines a month just at their dealership. These are not good engines and not good cars. The dealer themselves said that the engineers engineered these to get a day past warranty and break down the day after.

FUSIONS ARE NOT GOOD CARS. You keep pushing them but being a fusion owner, reading online about what others say, online about problems with literally no miles etc., all say they are trash. This amazes me because I rented a fusion from enterprise and they are really nice cars but they make them WORSE than Fiat. For God sakes man, stop leading people down the fusion road, it's a trap, a lie, a snare to catch the unexpected and steal all their money from their pockets, to put them broke down in the desert as fresh bait for rattle snakes.


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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


well the V6 ones are the ones I like. Yea, the smaller engines and trannys are known to have problems