Hello, Just want to say I love your channel. Thank you for sharing your knowledge..
guess I will get straight to the point.
So three weeks before my birthday my check engine light came on and I cant seem to get it to go away. These are the things I have changed I hope that you may have some suggestions before I take it to Ford. At this point I feel like it has beaten me.

  1. coolant temp sensor
  2. mass air flow sensor
  3. three-oxygen sensors
  4. spark plugs and wires
  5. air filter
    6 gas treatment /guaranteed to pass/

so I took it to fire stone and the codes were
P0171 system too lean bank 1
P0174 system too lean bank 2

this is what it is doing.... cold start Fine.. go to the store come back out and now it takes 4 to 5 turns to get it to crank.. I can smell antifreeze burning but I cant find where it is coming from..and the temp. gauge says it is fine..
runs great!!! great on gas now!!

Thanks, A Beaten Alfreda sims