Hello! I need some guidance in choosing a new used car. My budget would allow a '09 - '10 Matrix, and I do like the styling of that generation Matrix/Vibe, but I've come across some supposed problems with both of those years models. I use both and for research. On Repairpal both the '09 and '10 Matrix 2.4L has a scary sounding problem with the head gasket which may fail due to a defect in manufacturing of the cylinder block. ~ "On this vehicle, the head bolts are known to pull the threads out of the engine block, allowing the head to slightly lift, and causing head gasket failure." ~ Eeek! On Carcomplaints they have categorized the '09 as a Clunker!, mostly due to excessive oil consumption (in both 1.8l and 2.4l), as well as vehicle speed control issues. I've just become a senior citizen and know for a fact that my reflexes aren't what they were twenty or thirty years ago so cars that have speed control issues scare the heck out of me... I just don't think I could cope with knowing that my car has a known issue like that. I As I said, the styling of the Matrix/Vibe appeals to me along with its capability to haul things. What would you guys suggest?

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Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer


get an 07 matrix then, mine has no problems at all

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