Hello I have a question. I am on a trip in France We have a land rover defender 130 (It's the 2014…


Hello I have a question. I am on a trip in France We have a land rover defender 130 (It's the 2014 model and it has a 2.4L diesel). Now Saturday we were driving on the higway when my dad saw the orange check engine light came on. At the same time he said the car didn't have much power anymore (whe he pressed the pedal not much happened). He pulled over on a hard shoulder and stopped the car. It was a hot day but the car didn't overheat so we started it again for 10 sec, we saw the light came back on so we turned it back off. THe we called our insurance and they sent a mechanic with a truck. He loaded on the car and brought us to his garage. (It was a peugot garage and it was in the middle of nowhere). It was a national holiday so the car had to stay there for a couple of days atleast. It was a big garage with a second hand car dealership attached to it. We took some of our bags and used the train to get to our destination (we are not from france so we can't choose which garage we are brought to.) Today the insurance called and said a mechanic has diegnosed, but not yet fixed the problem. The guy on the phone told it were out glow plugs and our air mass meter. (Please note the car could still drive itself on and off the trailer, I think the computer went in limp mode.) Now do you guys think this could be the reason? How can the glow plugs be broken if the car started immediately and how can they break when we are just driving? The guys says ut will cost 600USD to replace the air flow meter and four glow plugs. Is this correct or do you think the glow plugs still work and he is trying to scam us? At first we wanted that they brought the car to a land rover garage, but the insurance doesn't want to, because money ofcourse. We are kinda pranaoid and we have to phone the mechanic tomorrow to give him permission. Shoulw we ask him to give us the old parts he replaced so we can see that he actually did that or not? What do you guys think. Kind regards, Vincent (and the rest of my family).

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