Hello, I have a kit car that was running pretty well when I purchased it. It is a 29 mercedes gazelle on a 1980 Chevette 1.6. I decided to rebuild the carb, it is a 5210c Holley. I have over 20 years experience working on cars and such, So I have rebuilt many carbs. When I reinstalled the carb the card sounded like it was flooded - it would sound like it was firing a little but would never start. I did many many things, tuned it up, plugs wires, cap rotor....checked timing and still had same problem. I even replaced the gas thinking that it might have set around for a while and gas gone stale.. Removed plugs many times and blew out combustion chamber to remove excess gas...still same problem...checked timing belt and located hole in pulley and fit drill bit in...always seemed like gas was spitting out carb when cranking so I ended up purchasing a rebuilt carb and had same exact problem when cranking....obviously checked spark by pulling plugs and grounding them and seems to have very good spark...so here I am...getting ready to check compression. but this all started after removing carb, so I checked everywhere I could for any wires or hoses that I might have bothered or loosened or knocked off...checked for vacuum leaks as well....appreciate any help!

realize those carbs stink. Me, I'd start by putting on a Weber carb, they are great and easy to adjust and clean out.