I have a 2000 Olds Silhouette with 134k miles.
I have a very loud popping and clunking sound coming from the front end. I hear it when I come to a stop and when I hit the gas. Going over bumps and when I turn.
Even when I am stopped and turn the wheel it will make the noise. I do have play in the driver side front wheel and thought it was the wheel bearing but I dont have the normal wheel bearing humming sound or ABS light that that accompanies a bad wheel bearing. Also the sound is very loud, and you can feel it in the whole front end.
I put it up on jack stands and checked everything and I cannot find anything else loose besides the driver side front wheel.
What do you think? Any help is appreciated.

                            Thank you,

driver's side front wheel should not be loose, check for worn ball joint there, tie rod, or strut mount