Hello. I got a 1990 Ford Ranger 2wd. I have to replace the Slave Cylinder due to a leak. I have removed all the bolts, starter, lines, wires, cross member, ect. But it's stuck. I don't want to pull the motor out and don't really want to risk using pry bars. Do you have any tips to go about this? Thank you.

Alright so far no progress. I have even taking a tow strap to pull it while a try prying/jiggle. Almost seems like its getting tighter and tighter

This guy is kind of weird but hopefully these help!

Yea I've seen these a few times. But my problem is it's stuck. Nothing holding it on but Satan himself lol. I've tried prying pushing pulling winching. By the gods she doesn't want to give.

Have you gotten it off yet? Try some WD-40 or PB Blaster around the edges of the slave where it meets up to the trans. Spray it generously and let it sit a minute or two. Whack it with a hammer. Repeat if necessary.