Hello All
So im having a issue that i am now stuck on. so here is the drill down!

Car In Question is: 02 Mazda Protege5 4 Door Base 4 Cylinder 2.0L

What The Car Is Doing / Symptoms:

On a COLD start the engine will start & RPM will be around 22000 RPM then within seconds the RPM will drop very very low
then the car will just sputter and die..

If you hold on the gas and hold the RPM at around 4000 for about 25 - 30 seconds the car will run and drive just fine the car
will even crank right back up with no issues unless it has ben past 30 minutes or so where the engine gets cool.
( At 1 point the issue had quit for about 3 weeks and ran 1000% spot on ) howerver it started this crazy stuff again 4 or 5 days ago.

Parts I Have Replaced:
Vapor Canister Purge Solenoid Valve
Fuel Pressure Regulator Control PRC Solenoid Valve
VSV Vacuum Switch Purge Valve Solenoid
PCV Valve
PCV Valve Grommet
Mass Air Flow Sensor

Things I Have Checked:
Idle Air Sensor = Computer tested and said it was ok.
Throttle Body Sensor = Computer tested and said it was ok.
Tested for vacume leaks / Did not seem to find one with smoke machine but cant be 100% as my rig isnt 100% air tight.

Other Notes:

If it is cold or really windey outside the car dont have this issue ( Odd I Know )
Not throwing any codes and check engine light is not on.

Maybe 1 of you can look at the video of my fuel trims and with the rest of the info i gave and maybe you can shed some
light on this issue because im now to the point im lost..

All fuel trims is with the car in park sitting idle with the car at operating temp


Thanks In Advance.