Heeey hi Mr. Kilmer my name is Francisco and i have always watched your videos because you seem like a nice guy and knowledgeable i wanted to try your site but never did beause i didn't want to be a bother but now i really need someone's advide on my car and i know you can help me like you help the others, see i have a protege 96 1.5 which dies immediately after start up the only way to keep it running is disconnecting the mass air flow sensor and rev up the engine so it raises the temp to its normal temp and theni can go, i tried changing the mass air flow sensor but nothing, the connection reads 12.8 V switch on i also cleaned the throttle and checked for any disconnected and bad vacuum hose but nothing, maybe computer what do you say?

those are known for computer failure and that sensor should have 5 volt reference signals, if voltage is too high that shows a shot computer

thank you good sir i knew you were gonna be a great help, i thought of the computermyselfbut since i am no mechanic i wanted an expert opinion like yours i really appreciateyour help Mr. Kilmer thanks and i wil let you know how it is running after i fix it.