From the garage in Montana to the plains of Texas!

When I was a youngster, my folks and family moved to Montana, right in the middle of the rockies. The house and garage located just northeast of Ronan, Montana. I used to play in the garage alot, never thought I would have a connection to it today. You see the years went by the land moved from our families hands to a friend of the family. This friend bought a 1983 Nissan/Datsun Pickup over in Washington. He took it to Alaska behind his RV, you can still see part of the hitch on front. He drove it around some and in the mid 1990's he had troubles with it and parked it in the garage. Years later I moved back to Ronan, where I managed the small motel there for the good folks who eventually ties the story together. My mom lived here and she was living in the old place with the friend. She had shared that her wish was that, this friend would give me this truck, well to keep it short, my mom and friend moved into town, my boss and I helped move them. This friend sold the truck to my boss, who got it running and around Christmas of 2005 gave it to me.

It had just under 80,000 miles and the end of September of 2018 is just over 175,000.

The cities its traveled through and more; Chicago, Phoenix, Salt Lake, Dallas, Tulsa, Wichita, Pueblo, Great Falls and many more as I camped, rockhounded and ventured the countryside.

When I got this truck, it had the original white with blue pin strips and with the shell. In the last few years I took the shell off and gave it the old farm truck look.

I desired to allow others to imagine what they can do to their own horseless carriages(automobiles).

You all take care,

Along the roads we share!