Head Gasket 1992 Chevy 2500 V8

The head gasket blew on my 1992 Chevy 2500 V8. Can it be fixed with basic hand tools?

Hey Scotty! So I have an old farm truck. It is a 1992 Chevy 2500, with either a 5.0 or 5.7 V8. I would have to check to be certain. I really love this truck. It has got 170k miles and because of it's simple design it is pretty easy to work on. Also, it has a massive amount of space in the engine bay, which is just a dream. Unfortunately the head gasket recently blew because of another part that had failed. In order to fix it, the shop would charge me more than I bought the truck for. I consider myself a capable mechanic. That being said, I only have basic hand tools (wrenches, sockets, screw drivers, etc). Is the head gasket on this truck something that I could fix with basic hand tools? If so, where could I find information on the required torque specs, torque patterns, and the like? The reason I am concerned is because I heard that I will have to lift the engine out of the truck, which is something I cannot do. I would have to get rid of the truck at that point, and I would look for another.

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yes you can do it, I use alldatadiy.com for repair info on them