Having Troubles with Ignition of 1995 Corvette

Recently rebuilt a 95 corvette, has 130k miles, less than 1k on the rebuilt motor. I've had no issues with starting the car other than the occasional start that cranked a little longer than usual. Just yesterday, It became very difficult to start the car, and sometimes just cranks forever, or has a very hard start. About a week ago, the car stalled while pulling out of a parking lot. Didn't think much at the time, but now believe it could be apart of a much larger issue.Just for background, it has all new spark plugs, distributor, and distributor wires. I pulled 4 codes: two about O2 sensors (likely unrelated), Code H63 (MAF), and now code H42 which is the "Electric Spark Timing." There's so many things that I believe could be wrong, but I don't know where to start. I think it could be any of the ECM, Ignition relay, starter, the distributor itself, Crankshaft Position Sensor, Ignition Control Module, or coil. Also, it seems to start easier if I give it some gas. I have a couple videos of attempts to start if needed to help diagnose the problem. Any comments would be of great help!

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Pressure test for weak fuel pump.