have a question , my check engine go on ,  Scanner read  the code p0420 and p0430, I clean  the…


have a question , my check engine go on ,

Scanner read the code p0420 and p0430,

I clean the intake and air flow sensor is very dirty,i change spark plug very bad too,change the air filter,

Oil change, and filter,

And after the services reset the codes ,

No lights come on for a week and again today

Lights come on svc light, track light and check engine light, i check the spark plug before i change it and two are oil wet,

Is possible the oil spark plug wet be the problem for the bad emissions?

I see one of your videos about spark plug gasket and head gasket, to fix the wet spark plugs,

Also i call the shop for estimate for change the head gasket and is about 4 to 5 hundred ,

So l like to follow your recomendation first,

I hope you can help me , this is my wifes car

And you know how dramatic is when the chrismas light go on in the car lol,

Thank you, scotty

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Thank you scotty, have a great day,



the code is for bad catalytic converter, which is probably ruined. BUT, the generally go bad because something in the engine makes them go bad, as theoretically they should last forever as platinum in them does not get used up in normal driving. So, If guys say you need a head gasket, odds are you need that AND a cat now. Perhaps opt out for a different car.