Hard Start after injector cleaning

Fuel injector cleaned after that cranking time changed

Hi Scotty,

I cleaned my gasoline fuel injectors at my Nissan Pulsar N14 with GA14 engine 2 days ago in injector cleaner machine of Carbon Zapp in ultrasonic bath and after that I check the resistance of my injectors the test was ok all injectors has 8.9 ohms resistance. I re-assembled the injectors without any problem. I also change my distributor cap and spark plug cables with brand new original Nissan ones. But now I have long crank time. I tried to start my car turning the key two or three times in ON position without starting the car in order to get more fuel pressure but there was no change at the situation. I have to tell also that the first time when I try to start the engine takes 3-4 seconds to start if I don’t press the key enough time and it doesn’t starts I am making second attempt to start the engine starts in milliseconds. What can I do to fix this?


sometimes cleaning em actually makes em worse. But do check the pump to see if it pumps pressure right on first crank, it could be wearing out