Problem with gears (i think) while releasing clutch - Ford Aspire India

I drive this vehicle which is a Ford (https://www.india.ford.com/cars/aspire/) 1500 cc Diesel (manual transmission- 1.5l TDCi (Diesel) engine derived from a Peugeot generation engine. I purchased this car brand new in 2016 and have got 15000 kms (about 10000 miles) on it till now. The engine is quite frugal and drives very well in the city conditions I drive in.

The problem is - When in first gear while climbing a slope (like out of a mall parking lot)  or an incline the engine makes a peculiar sound (while i release the clutch to move ahead). The same sound i also encounter while i try to get the car moving from a stand still while on a level road in gear number 2.

The sound is like a grinding noise of 2 metallic plates with each other and i strongly believe it is a clutch issue. This sound was less while the car was newer and its more now since the car is putting on miles. The sound is also more if there are more number of people in the car while on an incline or while starting from a stop on a level ground in gear 2.

On the incline the noise is there in gear 1, while on a level ground the gear 1 works fine. Its only if i engage the gear 2 and start from a stop that it makes the grinding noise on a level ground. The noise is only while i leave the clutch and the car gains a good momentum and goes away as soon as the car gets rolling at 5kmph.

I off late went to a Ford dealer since the vehicle is still in warranty, and discussed the issue to which they asked me to leave the vehicle and they would discuss the issue with the manufacturer and open the gear box and check. I was apprehensive of getting the whole system opened at this early age of the car but need your suggestions.

What could the sound be? Would it be advisable to get the car opened and checked or should i live with the problem till it becomes large enough that it starts to trouble me?

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odds are clutch it worn, but only pulling the transmission off would get to the parts needing replacing. Me, I'd live with it till it ran bad