Greetings Scotty, I came across your YouTube channel in hopes of finding the solution to my 2006 Mitsubishi Galant’s mystery. The car only has 100,071 miles on it and the major issue is the severe hesitation it has in its acceleration. The car severely struggles to move after moving from a stopped position even if I’m flooring the gas pedal, such as at a stop sign or red light. I also noticed that the car hesitates a lot when the AC is running. The car has absolutely no issues running on the highway when it’s already been moving. The car has had a plethora of repairs, including a new catalytic converter, spark plugs, timing and seeptentine belts, and the air intake filter has been cleaned. The mass air flow sensor has been tested and is working properly. I have tried to hook up a code reader to the car, but no codes came up. When I first bought the car, the engine light would occasionally come on, but, me being naive at the time, thought it was due to bad gasoline. I desperately want to resolve this issue, do you have any idea what could be causing this issue? I am not sure if it needs a new transmission or if I’m missing something else. Thank you so much for your time in advance, it is highly appreciated. Thank you for your great and informative videos!

Would your car occasionally be normal too? That’s what I don’t understand, because most days the car is really bad but I tested the car today and there was no issue

yes my car working normally all the time and suddenly it happens then working again once i set the gearbox to P and shut then start engine again , it working normally ,, check your gearbox ,, i think its where the problem is in the first place.

and note that i don't know where are you from , but here in Egypt the asphalt is not smooth and this may make a lot of problem in gearbox

I will have to check, thanks for the help :)

you are welcome :) ..