Greetings from very far away and a question

Hi, can you give me your opinion about the Honda Accord of this generation.

Hello Scotty, greetings from Santiago de Chile, I have to say that I really enjoy your videos, they are short but they go to the point. I see that I am very disappointed with the automotive industry in your country, because you recommend a lot of Toyota and also have a Celica, I also prefer the Japanese, for more than 27 years I bought Nissan and Honda, never had any problem with Nissan, only repairs minors, it hurts that in the USA they do not have the quality of before, the Nissan that they sell here in Chile are manufactured in Mexico, and they do not have many problems, I have a Nissan Tiida, Versa in the USA, and it works very well. I have a question, what is your opinion about the fourth generation Honda Accord? I have one made in the USA, in 1990, with a manual gearbox, I am restoring it to its original condition, and I completely rebuilt the engine, with an expert mechanic with more than 35 years repairing Honda, I did this because the engine failed because the previous owners who knew nothing about cars, an example; They put water to the radiator instead of coolant, in the end the engine failed. I like the car, I have to finish the restoration, I'm going to change more mechanical things so that it works like new. I ask you, since My Accord was manufactured in another time in the USA, when Honda wanted to gain ground in Your country. Well, I do not take any more time, I hope you give me your opinion, since if it is given by an expert, it serves as a guide for those of us who are only enthusiastic about mechanics, since I only repair some things.

Thank you.

Greetings from Santiago de Chile

Pedro Pablo Bagú Cruzat

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Thanks for your answer, saludos Pedro Pablo



accords are great with manual transmissions. Horrid automatics though.