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My 74-year old mother’s 2005 Sienna overheated the other day, I wasn’t with her when it happened. She says the car made some noises and then steam/smoke started to come out from the engine area, so she pulled over. I came by to run my Blued Driver OBD2 scan tool, I got a P0117, P0327, P0332. All I could see is that it overheated without any noise or steam coming from the engine area. Oh yes, there has also been a P1378 lingering code since about December I can’t quite figure out.

This being said, I started by putting in a new (aftermarket) Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor thinking this would be a good place to start. The car overheated again so we had it towed to my place to avoid any further issues. By watching one of your (much appreciated) videos my next plan of attack will be the Thermostat.

Ok, here is the punch line about December or so when putting in a new starter motor and topping off her fluids…yours truly made the amateur mistake of topping off her green antifreeze with some Toyota “Red” antifreeze. I now think I may have precipitated her current issue. Can you please offer some advice?

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