Got me a Prizm! Lightly used mitsus?


Well, thanks to your advice I put down $1,300 for a Prizm. (replaced my 2009 HHR with 260,000 miles) Everything is in perfect condition, and after new suspension bushings, the thing rides almost perfect.

This car will be a weekly driver for my daughter.

Now, I am looking at a replacement for my 09 Focus. I would like a crossover, and I would like it to be relatively new. I have noticed there are a fair amount of Mitsubishi's in my area, and I have test driven and loved the Eclipse Cross. While I am familiar with the fact that the Hondas and Toyotas are more reliable and last longer, I baby my vehicles. I have gotten at least 250k miles on every single car I have owned (270k on my Dodge Shadow,(first car) 280k on my Neon (thing was falling apart, leaked everywhere, worst car I ever owned) 310k on my Saturn L2000, 260K on my Ford E-350, 275 on my 09 Focus)
Do you think I could get 250k miles out of a 2019 Mitsu Eclipse Cross LE? If not, how many can I expect? (I do all highway driving) I know they have those Jatco transmissions, but I love the styling, towing capability, awd modes, and pretty much everything on the car. The dealer is asking 16k it has 30k miles, and a used honda with like 30k miles tends to go for >$20,000.
Thanks for your time and advice for the Prizm!
Love your videos!