Good morning sir I'm a big fan Of everything you do you have even Inspired me to go to school and…

Anthony wise

Good morning sir I'm a big fan Of everything you do you have even Inspired me to go to school and get my auto technician license.. But I'm having a issue this been going on over a week Car's been at the shop they have not been able to figure out what is the problem now I'm a single father And a newlywed.. And I haven't been able to go to work in a week and I am the main provider of my family's income.... I have a 97 Buick custom century That is giving me trouble for the last 3 weeks I put the card the shop the 1st time was just to get stress replace 2nd time was my mass floor was bad But I changed it myself in the cold was still there so I had to take it to my shot which was A wiring issue the wiring issue was fixed But a few days after my check engine light came on ag'en a was now a camshaft position sensor now code p 0 3 41 My car been in the shop 6 last Friday I haven't been to work in a full week in the last 3 weeks Do not want to lose my job before going to school in the fall... I'm only 29 years old trying to.. Provide a better future for my family.. Does shop at says he has done everything replaced the camshaft position or suit sir and the code This morning he said in May be the computer but this is 6 days after my car has been there i cant afford to replace a computer right now This is the same shop that did the last work to the map air flow Wiring I seen your video on spraying the computer I asked him about the Spraying the computer day he check the connectors and everything... HELP HELP HELP..... If I do not go to work tomorrow because I don't have a way I will lose my job

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guy is a crap mechanic, start with someone else, not a guesser. And realize a 22 year old buick isn't worth throwing much money into. Often you are better dumping it and getting an old used toyota.