Good morning Scotty, Hope you are well and in good health. I have been watching your videos for a…


Good morning Scotty,

Hope you are well and in good health. I have been watching your videos for a few weeks now so thought of seeking guidance from you.

Took the delivery of my Nissan Kicks, petrol XL model on 25th of April 2019 and since then I have been facing lots of problems. Let me ignore the niggles and explain a grave issue which I am experiencing right now:

Very hot air coming from AC vents

Now, this is a very strange behavior which I have noticed since last month while coming back from the office in the evening. My workplace is around 6 Km from my residence and in general, it takes around 20-40 minutes while coming back.

Since the weather has become pleasant in my city (I am from India), I don't switch on aircon, prefer to utilize outside air (ambient temperature- 23/24 degrees Celsius). My car starts well, but by the time I reach home, the blowers start blowing very hot air with the temperature soaring to >44 degrees Celsius and it's hot to an extent where it became unbearabl

e and I have to switch on the AC. If I correctly remember, once, the combination switch to control headlights became hot to touch.

Sharing some statistics:

Route: Office to Home Distance: 6 KM AC status: Off Recirculation mode: Off Windows Status: Rolled down Temperature: >44 degrees Celsius

The HVAC unit was also checked by an independent agency and they didn't find any fault; as we were suspecting a faulty blend door actuator stuck in open position.

Attaching the pictures of my aircon unit with settings and also the thermometer reading which I measured when the car was with me.

Now I believe, this is abnormal as my 2nd car Hyundai Santro (13-year-old, 72000 on the odometer) has never exhibited such behavior. I got worried so raised this concern with the dealer and also the Nissan tech team.

Nissan FQM investigated the issue, submitted his report to their R&D department. After a few days got a surprising reply from the customer care team that there is no abnormality in the car and its roadworthy.

I am quite baffled by their response so writing to you to seek help/advice. What may be the reason for this behavior, kindly help!

Regards, Anubhav