Good morning Scotty, a couple of weeks ago I was driving my 2003 Nissan Sentra with approx 135,000 miles down the road at 45 miles an hour and out of nowhere the transmission would only go about 2 miles an hour after a couple of minutes it was okay again, this happened one more time that day before I made it back home and checked the transmission fluid and looked a little low so added some to it and was okay for about a week but it happened again and made it home about 2 miles an hour for several blocks and by the time I got back home the battery had drained, I charged the battery and thought I might have over filled the transmission so checked it and removed some and it now has been okay for the last couple of times I have had it out but I am afraid it might be an intermittent thing and will happen when I am further away from my home, also a couple of weeks ago you gave me some great advice on my cluster board that went bad and have been looking for one in a junk yard for a used one as you suggested and also received an estimate on repairing mine but didn't know if having the old one out while looking for another could cause any problems, I am 64 on disability and soc/sec and food stamps so any info on what might be going on would be so greatly appreciated since a new transmission I think would be more than the car is worth if that were to go out, thank you so very much in advance for any feedback and truly appreciate you taking your valuable time to help so many of us out there, wish you a wonderful weekend, sandy.

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those have horrid transmissions you're lucky that one went that far. Car is worth nothing really, I wouldn't fix it, I'd look for a good old used toyota corolla instead of throwing money into that thing. That's the truth