Good morning Mr. Kilmer, how are you? I have a few questions: 1. Would it hurt the reliability of any Acura or Lexus IS300 if you take it to a Honda or Toyota shop to get oil change, water pump, timing belt, and basic maintenance like that? 2. Are parts interchangeable between Toyota and Lexus as well as Honda and Acura? 3. If I were to change the automatic transmission fluid on Acura Integra or TSX will it hurt the car by using Honda automatic transmission fluid or any of their fluids instead of using Acura's fluids? Thank you in advance. P.S. shout out to you and your family for staying safe in Texas during the Harvey Hurricane, I hope you and your family are ok

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Not really, that's fine. And parts are internchangeable to some extent. As for fluids, they are the same.