Good evening Scotty,
I have a question in regard to a 2015 Corolla LE .... I had snapped my clock spring cable....rendering several functions disabled + a cool AirBag light on the dash. Upon removing the assembly, I gave it some manly, ignorant, love. (Which, I highly advise against...in FACT, I'm starting to think; "Learning the hard way", isn't cool anymore) (and mid-proof-read, I'm understanding further, fixing this the most economically fiscal way may be considered "The hard way".) So, I'm in search of another assembly of the precise manufacture. Do you know of any reliable resources to locate this particular part? Can I assume, a hearty pitch to a dealership could allow me to purchase an assembly? Nonetheless, you have inspired me to share my journey. I thank you for any knowledge you share, and have shared. Peace \//