PJ in OK

Hey Scotty...As always, thank you for taking my questions (in the past and today). I've watched your videos so much, I've learned a lot and for that I am very grateful.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to trade in my '03 Nissan Altima-S (auto trans, 92750 mi) for a '11 Honda CR-V (auto-trans, ~105000 mi). The local Honda dealership (where my wife & daughter have bought their Accord & Civic cars respectively, and have had impeccable, honest service) valued my Altima at $3K for trade-in value. I felt the deal (with my 3 hours of negotiating, & their ultimate inclusion of a 4-yr/48K-mi extended warranty for only about $1200 extra) was a good one. You think I got a good overall deal - specifically with the ~10K+ more miles on the CR-V, am I better with the 2011 Honda CR-V (newer model but more mileage) vs. the 2003 Altima (older model but less mileage)?

I read that the CR-V's biggest issue is the AC condenser going out, & some experience more-than-normal oil consumption...but with my attention to service, if they crop up, I'll catch 'em (especially with my warranty backing me up). The biggest & most worrisome issue for me is that the Altima's biggest issues seem to be catalytic converter and head gasket situations. Weighing the two, I felt now was the time to pull the trigger & get the Honda. Good decision? Thoughts on the '11 CR-V?