Good afternoon Scotty, I love watching your YouTube channel because you always have great insight…


Good afternoon Scotty,

I love watching your YouTube channel because you always have great insight as to things that I can do to my car and things that I shouldn't do.

I believe that you have mentioned that you are here in Houston, Texas so I would like to know if you accept appointments to diagnose cars and do repairs? Please let me know so that I can try and come out when you have available time.

My 2002 F150 was bought brand new with 0 miles in 2002 and has since accrued well over 260,000 miles. I had the engine rebuilt at 196,000 miles and it has been running very well these last 60,000+ miles. However, I believe that it is in a position where repairs may be needed because it is just an older vehicle. I have noticed my mpgs go down significantly in the last 5 months or so. I had pretty good gas mileage prior to this. I drove it to Mexico and back last summer and that was it's 1st trip back to Mexico in approximately 8 years. I also feel that it's sluggish on acceleration when I didn't have that issue before.

I'm a high school math teacher and this is our only mode of transportation. I would really like to make sure that I can get several more years out of this truck if I could because it has been such a great truck to us and quite frankly right now, I could not afford to have to either do lots of extensive repairs or buy another car. Please help. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

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Hey Scotty for a bmw 325i 2003 what oil do you recommend . Bmw brand or any synthetic oil brand like Mobil ?

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sure, i work M-F near downtown houston. If you wish, you can make an appt then by e mailing for an appt, but put REPAIR APPT as the title so I don't miss it as I get thousands of e mails