Christopher Greene

Seems to be electrical, but possibly the ECU?

So, I have a 2000 GMC Sonoma v6 4wd. I hit a rather large puddle of water a few months back during a storm. Since then, I've noticed some interesting fluctuations in electronics all over. My blower motor resistor has gone out 3 times so far. The driver window randomly stops working for short periods of time. Sometimes, the wipers when engage do not stop until I shut the truck off and run on full speed no matter the setting. However, there is one thing that stands apart. Every time I start the truck and completely randomly while operating, the right side blinkers come on solid for a few seconds, and there is a loud old timey car horn noise from the left front of the vehicle. Since that is a constant at start up, but random while operating I started there (note: bumps, operation of other items, turning, braking, etc. seem to have no effect on when this is triggered but does happen multiple times per drive). I replace the ground wire in the front left, but still had the issue. So, had someone start it and tried to pin point the noise. There was a sever vibration over the whole front left panel. I figured it was the ABS motor. I pulled the fuses/relays on the ABS motor and the car horn. The noise was still there. I've taken it to a few mechanics that kept referring me to other mechanics. I'm thinking when the water hit, it either knocked the ground off something, or possibly got into the cab and damaged the computer. The truck is a bit rusty, and I know there are holes in the right wheel well where the computer sits. I did notice that when pulling everything from the abs, and starting the vehicle for a period of time, the computer threw no codes. In fact, it has never in the year and a half I've owned it, thrown a code for anything at all which I thought was strange seeing as how I've had misfires and issues with the braking/fuel system in the past. What are your thoughts on pin pointing this, or do you think these are multiple issues that just happened to occur at the same time? Also, if you do know the issue, how would you suggest going about fixing it.
(Side note: Big fan of your videos, and appreciate what you do. Keep up the awesome work and God bless!)

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Have all the grounding wires checked out first, they go bad, all those things can go bad. Pray the computer hasn't fried they ofte do in those models