GMC Envoy. It's not as bad as machanics say.


I have a well kept 2006 GMC RWD Envoy with the 4.2ltr Atlas engine with 204,000 miles on it. The engine still runs strong and the vehicle is still in excellent shape, but I'm having the common problem of the oil pressure gauge intermittently indicating no pressure. When the gauge fails, I just turn off the engine and restart it and the gauge indicates pressure again. I've replaced the OP sending unit but I still have the problem. I've been told that I might have an oil pump starting to fail, the gauge temperately fails, or even computer failure. I want to keep this true mid-sized SUV as a backup vehicle. So my question is obvious. What do you think the problem is? Side Note: I'm 4 years younger than you and a retired UPS employee of 30 years so I'm not fat and lazy. I've been doing most of my own repair and maintenance on everything mechanical that I've ever owned. since before I could drive. I'm in pretty good shape and I stay busy, but my motivation for auto mechanics is shot due to not wanting bloody knuckles, having to crawl under dashboards, and climbing out from under vehicles anymore. You can retire so why do you keep pushing yourself. Why can't you just move to my state of Florida and get a boat like everyone else?