gas leak but cant drop tank due to seized bolts repost

Hi Scotty! I have a 1996 Suzuki x90 with a misting gas leak above my tank somewhere. I enclosed video of this happening. I was hoping you could maybe watch it and help me figure out whats wrong as well as how to remove the gas tank skid plate with the seized bolts. any response would be appreciated!

        Hello Scotty, I have a quite large problem with a gas leak on one of my lines near the tank. It is slowly misting out of one of my lines back there. I can see that it is spraying when I use my optic cable to peek above the tank but cant tell the source. I attempted to try and drop the tank but this things pretty rusted up and I cant unseized the bolts even with pb blaster. There are 4 bolts holding on my gas tank skid plate and I cant torch them because of the gas fumes nor can I grind the seize bolts off for the same reason. I'm considering having it taken to the shop to get this cleared up so I can enjoy my awesome new vehicle with no gas leak. Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated.   


REPOST sorry about repost but I was able to get video footage of it happening so I decided a repost was good

Fuel pump bolts probably not there or the gasket is bad to remove the bolts use a prnatrating oil let soak amd remove bolts