Hey Scotty so I jacked up my 1995 Nissan Maxima for the first time today. So from my research, the frame rail should be strong enough to put a jack stand on. Well, I thought on my car the frame rail runs the entire length of the rail. Turns out the frame rail is only towards the front of the car where it’s thick. The rear part of the rail is thin and shallow but still protrudes. I was jacking up the rear of the car and thought it has the same strength, but it doesn’t and the jack stand slightly deformed the rail. From my understanding the rear part of the rail that is more shallow is part of the floor assembly. From the inside of the car I can see the that it bent into the car a bit it is noticeable but not too bad. Thankfully I noticed it right away and put the jack stand on the pinch weld. I’m a bit mad at myself but at least it’s a cheap old car. Is the car is still safe to drive as is? I don’t want to spend any money to fix the bend as the car isn’t worth much.