Scotty, and the community I am want to launch a car dealership, I am fortunate that I have a cosighn lot near me I already have relationships with lenders and a great mechanic. because he is so great he is usually booked a month out so he doesn't have time to go over my question. I want to sell cars in the niche market of reliable and low cost of ownership. I want to eventually start my own lot but my goals for profit are low so that is a long way off. I want to know what cars you recommend that I look for in the auctions. I am very familiar with gm ford and because i've unfortunately owned 3 of them chrysler. I don't know much about the japaniese ones that seems to be the ideal focus. I have seen your videos that steer me away from the yaris,echo, and trecel. What other toyotas are money pits. I have heard that some hondas have bad transmissions? I want to avoid korean cars because they seem to fall apart after 150k. Thank you for the help and have a great day