Flooded diesel engine

What do you have to do when you flood a diesel engine?

Hello everyone, I started watching scotty's channel about two weeks ago, I am 15 years old and interested in mechanics and was wondering the folowwing.
My parents own a land rover defender 130. The car is an all-terrain vehicle and is abble to drive through pretty deep puddles. And I searched on scotty's channel what to do when you flood a car (that wasn't running when the water came in). However the videos he made were about cars that ran on gasoline. But as far as I know diesel engines don't have spark plugs. So you can't take them out and crank the engine. So what are you supposed to do when you flood a diesel engine? I am asking thiss pure out of intrest, and am not fixing a car or anything. So if you are in a hurry you don't have to answer :) .

you just give up if you flood a diesel engine, water getting inside a diesel will blow the insides to kingdome come and would not be worth fixing then

Yes, i saw that in one of your videos, but i am talking about a flooded diesel engine that wasn't running when the water came in. For examaple: You park in one of those parking spots under a bridge, and when you come back a week later after heavvy rain you see that there are like water marks around half a meter high. What should you do before starting the car? (Assuming that you have already replaced the battery)

Remove the injectors and crank the engine