My old 70's wiring is at it again. No matter how I drive or if I don't drive, my truck's lights always flicker.

Hey Scotty. I've got an issue with my 75 Chevy K10. When driving or sitting idle, my lights flicker almost constantly. Headlights, dash lights, and interior lights will all flicker. It isn't exactly flickering on and off. It gets dimmer and brighter very quickly. I also noticed sometimes one of my gauges will go dark on the dash while the others stay lit. Then minutes later it will come back. Nothing seems to change how the lights behave and sometimes they will even stop flickering. For a few seconds now and then they will stay steady and bright. It's very strange. One thing I wanted to mention was that I had read somewhere that 1975 was one of the last years these trucks could have come with a genarator instead of an alternator. I'm not sure if I have one or not. I don't know how to tell them apart. I just thought I would mention that as well in case it would change what the problem might be. So far my battery always stays charged and it always cranks up easy. I guess it's one of those weird electrical gremlins but maybe you can help me solve it. Thanks in advance.

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classic sigs of bad ground wiring, check ALL the ground wires, get a diagram with them all listed and start checking em. Chevys are notorious for failed grounds