Faulty CKP Sensor

Is driving with a failing ckp sensor dangerous? Could it damage any other components?


My father owns a 2011 Kia Forte with 150k Km on the odometer. A couple of days ago the Check engine light started blinking followed by power loss and weird exhaust sound... like as if it was backfiring.

After two visits to the dealership they found the problem... a faulty CKP Sensor that needs to be replaced however they don't have it in stock so we have to wait for at least a week for it to arrive from another city... Here in Ecuador it's not too easy to find parts online and we haven't been able to find another seller with that sensor in stock

My question is: Is it dangerous to drive with a faulty CKP sensor? We were going to the beach this weekend but now I'm afraid that something could happen while driving on the highway (Dealership says it's ok but I'm not convinced). Also, if we drive it like this, could something else get damaged?

Thank you!

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it won't damage anything short run, but if it kicks out entirely it may die and strand you at the beach