F150 5.4L Triton O2 Sensor codes after replacing them

Diego Troya

Can't get rid of these codes after changing both O2 sensors, as well as engine "shivering"

Hi Scotty

I have a 2007 F150 Lariat with the 5.4L V8 Triton engine. I have an engine light on and according to my OBSII scanner it was the 2 downstream oxygen sensors and a misfire on Cylinder 2. I replaced the spark plugs and the 2 oxygen sensors, the misfire code has gone away but the two codes for oxygen sensors are still there (P2270 and P2272).

It also seems to "shiver" (best way I can describe it) while idle, on drive when I'm pressing on the brake at stop lights and sometimes the engine seems to hesitate when driving 60-80km/h (35-55mph) with the overdrive function on, but not when its turned off.

From my research online, I thought about cleaning the fuel injectors, replacing the ignition coils (coil on plugs), to even trying the lacquer thinner method from your videos to see if it will clean the injectors and/or other components as well. I'm a bit scared on the last one though, as I've heard the thinner is strong enough to eat away at the hoses and could even break my fuel pump.

I would highly appreciate any advice you could give me as I don't want to overdo things and try to "fix" what might not be broken in the first place.

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unfortunately dozens of things can trip the two 02 sensors besides bad sensors. Anything from a bad cat, bad injectors, bad fuel pump, head gasket blowing, and oneand on. IF you know any good mechanics, at least let them analyze it rather than guess