Exhaust rattle

Excessive noise from the exhaust

Hi Scotty, my car in the last few months has become increasingly noisy, sounds like a metallic rattle above around 2k revs. Hear it when i accelerate and when travelling along the road. The engine seems to be a lot more noisy as well but most of the noise seems to be centred around the back, underneath the car. Is this noise normal? Sounds like a metallic scratching or rattling noise. It does appear to be coming from the muffler.

Got it booked in to the garage tomorrow for them to have a look, car definitely a lot noisier than it used to be. Also seems to be much noisier than other cars of the same model. Am i right to get a garage to have a look at it, or could it be something else?

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muffler is coing apart inside, replace it