Error P0300, P0301,P0302,P0303, P0304 and P0171

Cleared the DTC codes 2 days ago and had check engine again with P0300 to P0304 and P0171

Hi Scotty and all,

These error codes are driving me crazy because there are a bunch of things to change before making sure everything is covered. Is there a proper way for increasing my chances of finding the real cause ?

This is a Corolla 2008 CE model that has 77 kMiles on it.

Just one indication: I was on a stop sign when the engine kind of had chokes, the RPM wiggled and immediately the check engine sign went on. Does that suggest anything particular ?

do this video to find the fault quicker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXAJvuuK104

Thanks. However I am not sure this method would work. I actually checked the codes quite immediately after check engine went on and I had immediately 6 error codes one shot. I don't think it will be easy to narrow these down to one error code regardless how quick I am in checking those. Any other suggestions ? Does the error code P0300 coupled with P0171 suggest anything ? Thanks